The Pilgrim's Staff

The Pilgrim’s Staff has been installed at the Town Hall and was donated by the Genius Loci programme through Essex County Council.  Standing higher than 10 feet, the sculpture features scenes and depictions of Brentwood’s past created by pupils at Hogarth Primary, St Helen’s Catholic Junior School, and St Thomas of Canterbury Junior School.

Venue:  Brentwood Town Hall, Ingrave Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AY
Artwork on display outside the Town Hall building

The actual project took more than a year to complete with the Staff itself, which is made of stainless steel and bronze, taking three months to make from start to finish.

Artist, Michael Johnson, who oversaw the delicate task of getting the artwork in place at the Town Hall crane said:

“It was great working with all the groups and bringing the ideas to fruition. We covered everything from roman coins to the Thermos factory in the 1950s whilst celebrating the significance of Brentwood for trade routes and the Pilgrim’s routes. So the idea of this piece is that the Staff has taken root and is starting to show new growth.There are so many references throughout that it really celebrates and explains how Brentwood came into existence and flourished, and continues to flourish.”

Embedded in the trunk of the staff are bronze inclusions illustrating images, texts and Brentwood’s coat of arms together with cabouchons that mark out the distances between Brentwood, Canterbury and Norwich on the Pilgrim’s religious route and Brentwood, Colchester and London on the trade route.